Concentrate Review – Original NorCal Gooey

Oil, wax, shatter, sap to snap and pull we love it all. Brighton Cannabis Club always likes to hunt down the fire concentrates and give our mental taste buds a treat.

Up this week is the complex ‘Gooey’ by south east extractors,Sussex Shatter. This is one of the best and most interesting flavours I have ever had from Sussex Shatter. The team have expertly gro

wn the flowers that went into this 100% nug run concentrate so the entire process has been contained within the extractor’s space.

For a bit of background on the lineage of this strain we have a mash up of five old school and land race genetics – the official description from the team is “Original NorCal Gooey Mom, a very rare old cut, lineage as follows – Kambodga x Mexico x Colombia (Lumbo old) x Thai x Hawaii (mowie wowie 1972)”.

This is such a mixed strain and the taste really represents the amount of genetics inside the cross, varied, rich, but also slightly hard to pinpoint. Instantly on the exhale this concentrate supplies heavy amounts of pine and earthy musk, however accompanying that is an equally strong and recognisable sweetness that combines to resemble the taste of a more refined gorilla glue. I’ve got to say, the flavour is quite intense and just generally really enjoyable.

Effects wise this particular run seems to be overall indica dominant, however also fairly well rounded, as there are still active mental effects. I feel as though this accurately falls into one of my favourite groupings of cannabis strains – the ‘heavy indica dom with sweet terpenes’.

To round it off, heavy effects, a complex and interesting flavour profile, and assured heritage genetics. Another win for Sussex Shatter and another happy member of Brighton Cannabis Club.