Keep Em Sweet – Shatter Sweets Review

Jolly Green 420 here and today I thought I’d do an edible review and a different sort of product – I wanted to stray away from the usual tag of edibles as ‘baked goods’ and so what would be better than to go with one of the best companies in the edible game here in the UK – Keep Em Sweet.

The people behind the brand are experts in sweet making using timeless techniques to make beautiful sweets and I’ve been lucky enough to get to trial them at various times in their production – from the first ones I ever tried at my second green pride – to the double/triple strength ‘ultra pineapple’ versions – to where the product has now been perfected into a delicious and equally beautiful looking pack of sweets.


The way these sweets are made is really interesting – a medicated sugar mixture is made and then the sweets are formed by having this sugar heated to the correct temperature then having the mix hand pulled and cut into pieces. I always consider these sweets to be something really special because of the individual time and care that I know the producer has put into making these.

These sweets tend more moderate dose wise but I find that that just makes them better for the daytime aspect – I often derive great pleasure in slowly sucking one of these for a half hour at work. That being said – at about 20mg per small sweet – the effects are definitely still noticeable and it is surprising how long you can just sit with these in your mouth and forget that you are taking in THC. This really makes them perfect for a lot of cases where you would want a subtler medication over a longer period of time, as well as at work I feel these would also be perfect for train rides and some of those irritating but necessary family events.


If I had to pick something edible wise that I could keep with me at all times it would be these – they’re the perfect everyday edible. If there was an award for an edible that is honestly the definition of incognito then these would get it every time – when decanted into a usual sweet bag there is absolutely no way to tell the difference until one is on your mouth.

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