Green Pride 2018 – A message from the Chairman

Green Pride 2018 – A message from the Chairman

As we enter into our fifth Green Pride, I wanted to take the time to reflect on the rapid growth of our protestival. It has been astonishing to watch the success of this event over the past 5 years.

If you didn’t already know, I’m Rob Davidson, chairman of the Brighton Cannabis Club and event coordinator of Green Pride.

Rob Davidson - Chairman of Brighton Cannabis Club and Green Pride Event Co-ordinator

Why do we protest current cannabis legislation in the UK?

We believe that there is no legitimate justification for the prohibition of cannabis. Access to cannabis is a human right and no adult should be prevented from making an informed choice regarding consumption of this wonderful plant. In the current illegal climate, whether you are a medicinal user, recreational user, grower, extractor, enthusiast, or run a cannabis-related business, you are criminalised and become a victim of the unjustifiable prohibition of cannabis. But you should NOT be criminalised!

As an organisation we actively support legalisation, promoting a model based on Spanish-style private social clubs that would allow members to consume privately. We believe that a local, community-led solution is the best way forward for a fair and friendly end to cannabis prohibition. This keeps the power in the hands of the people as we move towards a legal model.

How it all started

2018 will mark the 5th annual Brighton Green Pride Protestival, celebrating half a decade of cannabis pride and unity. Looking back over the past five years, it is hard to believe just how far we have come. In our first year, myself and the vice-chairman showed up alongside a small crowd of around a hundred people to protest the unjust prohibition of cannabis and to openly celebrate cannabis pride. We had no idea if it was just going to be the two of us sitting in Preston Park, smoking a joint and listening to some tunes.

We also had no way to know if the police were waiting around the corner. But the event was a success, and by our second year numbers had grown to around one thousand people. People from a diverse range of backgrounds arrived from all over the country, joining together to unite for the same cause. In year three the numbers rose again, with double the number of visitors and several vendors from businesses and other UK cannabis organisations, including the United Patients Alliance, the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs, and neighbouring cannabis clubs in the area.


Protestivals for social change

Green Pride is setting the stage for the promotion of an already thriving grassroots cannabis community in the UK. Our protestival was inspired by the Seattle Hemp Fest and Vancouver 420. The Seattle Hemp Fest is currently in its 27th year of cannabis activism, and with thousands of people and over 4 stages it has become the world’s largest annual event advocating cannabis reform. Vancouver 420 also started out as a small protestival, but has grown to host way over ten-thousand people with live music, public speakers and cannabis vendors.

Both events started out with some like-minded individuals who gathered together to promote the legalisation of cannabis, and both have transformed into massive protestivals that continue to this day. Over the years, as cannabis has become decriminalised or legalised in these countries, the focus has shifted to cannabis education, understanding current laws and potential reforms. We hope that Green Pride can also make a difference in the UK, and help to open up the debate around ending cannabis prohibition.

Drone shot - Over 3500 attended in 2017.

What you can expect from Green Pride 2018

Last year, in the summer of 2017, there were 25 vendors and over 3500 people in attendance. You can check out the footage by clicking the link here. But Green Pride 2018 will be our biggest yet, with twice the amount of vendors and people expected. So please, come along and ensure this incredible growth continues and become part of the future of cannabis legislation. We are sponsored this year by some great businesses, such as CBD Brothers, Quintessential and Seedsman who will be guaranteeing you the best Green Pride experience to date.

Whether you are a consumer, activist, business or volunteer, come and show your support at this year’s Green Pride, and join the growing revolution.


Medi Munchies UK – A medical cannabis edible review

Submitted anonymously by a Brighton Cannabis Club Member.

As someone who suffers with severe depression and diagnosed high functioning Aspergers, IBS and Endometriosis not so long ago; I’ve never got on with migraine medication, pain killers or anti-depressants.

My constant battle is relaxing enough to be able to sleep for more than 3 hrs at a time or dealing with agonising pain throughout the day.

A friend referred me to Medi Munchies UK; as I’m not a Cannabis smoker I was quite apprehensive, but after speaking with the Medi Munchies team on what to expect from a bag of Cannibos (175mg in a bag). The sweets vary from 5mg to 30mg of active THC in each individual sweet depending on the size of the gummie. With my first bag, I ate one bear and I could deal with my thoughts, a thought at a time; not a thousand thoughts a second. 2 bears I was in considerably less pain and I slept for 8 hours! The Cannibos have no sluggish feeling the next day like you get with Zopiclone and no metallic flavour in your saliva!

The bears texture and flavours (cola, cherry and passionfruit) are great, they melt in your mouth they’re not too chewy or too soft.

From a medicinal point of view Medi Munchies, being able to tailor the dose to my tolerance is perfect!


Green Pride 2017 – Missed 420 in London? Better get to Brighton!

Well, the time is fast approaching again; it’s almost hard to believe, but this year will be our fourth annual Green Pride down here on the Sussex coast!

Green Pride can now claim the title of the second largest pro-cannabis event in the country, surpassed only by Hyde Park 420 in London. We believe that the continuing popularity of the event indicates the overwhelming level of support for cannabis reform in the South East and throughout the country.

The first year of Green Pride was a humble affair, but we were pleased with the turn-out of little over one hundred community members. We gathered in Preston Park, needing only a gazebo, some blankets and the tunes coming out of the speaker to have a good time.

We could not have foreseen it back then, but in our second year we saw the event’s popularity increase tenfold, with one thousand of you showing up with your friends to show your support.

By 2016, our numbers had grown once again, peaking at a crowd of 1500 and nearing 2000 total attendance throughout the whole day. Some attendees had even made the effort to drive down to Brighton from from their homes in London, Hampshire, Hitchen, Leeds, Dundee and many more, showing their commitment to the cause of cannabis legalization. We hope to see all of you again this year!


Green Pride draws inspiration from the success of Vancouver 420, the first of which was organised on a whim back in 1995. Feeling no need to ask permission, a crowd of 200 people gathered that April 20th in 1995. They enjoyed an afternoon of peaceful protest, during which they exercised their right to enjoy cannabis recreationally and played music between the sociable hours of 2-7pm.

In 1996 their event grew to 500 people, and by 1997 it had grown to 1000. They are now reaching over 15,000 attendees at their 23rd annual gathering. With almost 2000 attending our 3rd annual protestival gathering, who can tell what our numbers could look like for our upcoming 4th anniversary? Let alone the future of Green Pride?

Brighton UK Saturday 4th July 2015 - Rob Davidson from Brighton Cannabis Club at the Green Pride pro Cannabis event in Preston Park Brighton - Photograph taken by Simon Dack.

Brighton Cannabis Club Chairman Rob Davidson is proud of the club’s growth and acceptance amongst the Brighton Community: “We have seen support from local businesses that endorse what we are trying to bring to the city. The people of Brighton understand the need for a cannabis social club and the social benefits, even if they don’t consume cannabis themselves.”



Winston Matthews, medicinal cannabis campaigner and co-founder of the Worthing Coffeeshops, which were active in the early 2000’s, agrees, and highlights the urgency of cannabis activism. He explains, “What is special about Green Pride is its power to bring people together all through this one herb, cannabis. We must be heard – people are suffering, I have been to prison for growing my own medicine, yet now it is being recognised that this is a medicine that helps my recovery after a liver transplant. I use cannabis as a replacement for the drug alcohol, which caused my liver troubles. Also, I have had two spinal fusions, and very rarely use opiates for pain.”

He also emphasizes the names that paved the way for events like these: “We reflect on the lost campaigners over the last few years who have not been so lucky; Sam Dyer, Mike Cutler and of course Chris Baldwin who gave so much to try and change the laws for the local people of Brighton and Worthing. Heroes of Green Pride that will never be forgotten, and theirs plus many more lives we celebrate today in the name of Green Pride”.

The Brighton Cannabis Club invites you to come down and join us with something green, a smile on your face and, if you feel like you have something to say, a banner or sign to show your organisation or group supports the message of the day.

Clubs including the Hampshire Cannabis Community, CBD Compassion Club and the London Smoking Club will be in attendance alongside headshop, Cure The Nation, Too Loud and Smoke Loud as well as a growing list of enthusiastic grassroots cannabis businesses.

Greg de Hoedt, Chairman of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs highlighted that “It’s great to see the community coming together and creating a nice atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all. The UKCSC have been hosting protests across the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island since 2011, and what we have seen is a change in the last couple of these years. It’s not a case of should we legalise cannabis, but more about how and when? With over 100 clubs and groups now in existence acting locally around the UK change is upon us, and it’s coming from the ground up as a social movement.”


Although cannabis is yet to be legalized, in previous years’ police have showed minimal visible presence and last year praised organisers for a “well managed civil protest”. This is in line with their stance that everyone is entitled to the right to protest.

We believe that public resources could be much more efficiently utilised if more police forces across the UK adopted an approach similar to that of the Durham Police Force in the North East, which has been rated as the best in the UK for two years in a row. This timing coincides with the introduction of their current cannabis policy, which views cannabis cultivation and personal possession as a much lower law enforcement priority than in previous years.

Everyone over 18 is welcome to join us at Green Pride. Under 18s may not attend this event unless accompanied by a parent. The day is a celebration of cannabis pride and unity, so please bring your own. And finally, we ask dealers to not turn up, as you will be asked to leave.



A big thanks to all those who are going to come support us for our 4th year of Green Pride!


Keep Em Sweet – Shatter Sweets Review

Jolly Green 420 here and today I thought I’d do an edible review and a different sort of product – I wanted to stray away from the usual tag of edibles as ‘baked goods’ and so what would be better than to go with one of the best companies in the edible game here in the UK – Keep Em Sweet.

The people behind the brand are experts in sweet making using timeless techniques to make beautiful sweets and I’ve been lucky enough to get to trial them at various times in their production – from the first ones I ever tried at my second green pride – to the double/triple strength ‘ultra pineapple’ versions – to where the product has now been perfected into a delicious and equally beautiful looking pack of sweets.


The way these sweets are made is really interesting – a medicated sugar mixture is made and then the sweets are formed by having this sugar heated to the correct temperature then having the mix hand pulled and cut into pieces. I always consider these sweets to be something really special because of the individual time and care that I know the producer has put into making these.

These sweets tend more moderate dose wise but I find that that just makes them better for the daytime aspect – I often derive great pleasure in slowly sucking one of these for a half hour at work. That being said – at about 20mg per small sweet – the effects are definitely still noticeable and it is surprising how long you can just sit with these in your mouth and forget that you are taking in THC. This really makes them perfect for a lot of cases where you would want a subtler medication over a longer period of time, as well as at work I feel these would also be perfect for train rides and some of those irritating but necessary family events.


If I had to pick something edible wise that I could keep with me at all times it would be these – they’re the perfect everyday edible. If there was an award for an edible that is honestly the definition of incognito then these would get it every time – when decanted into a usual sweet bag there is absolutely no way to tell the difference until one is on your mouth.

Keep Em Sweet FB Page
Keep Em Sweet Instagram

If you would like your concentrates, herbs or edibles reviewed feel free to pop over an email to


Concentrate Review – Original NorCal Gooey

Oil, wax, shatter, sap to snap and pull we love it all. Brighton Cannabis Club always likes to hunt down the fire concentrates and give our mental taste buds a treat.

Up this week is the complex ‘Gooey’ by south east extractors,Sussex Shatter. This is one of the best and most interesting flavours I have ever had from Sussex Shatter. The team have expertly gro

wn the flowers that went into this 100% nug run concentrate so the entire process has been contained within the extractor’s space.

For a bit of background on the lineage of this strain we have a mash up of five old school and land race genetics – the official description from the team is “Original NorCal Gooey Mom, a very rare old cut, lineage as follows – Kambodga x Mexico x Colombia (Lumbo old) x Thai x Hawaii (mowie wowie 1972)”.

This is such a mixed strain and the taste really represents the amount of genetics inside the cross, varied, rich, but also slightly hard to pinpoint. Instantly on the exhale this concentrate supplies heavy amounts of pine and earthy musk, however accompanying that is an equally strong and recognisable sweetness that combines to resemble the taste of a more refined gorilla glue. I’ve got to say, the flavour is quite intense and just generally really enjoyable.

Effects wise this particular run seems to be overall indica dominant, however also fairly well rounded, as there are still active mental effects. I feel as though this accurately falls into one of my favourite groupings of cannabis strains – the ‘heavy indica dom with sweet terpenes’.

To round it off, heavy effects, a complex and interesting flavour profile, and assured heritage genetics. Another win for Sussex Shatter and another happy member of Brighton Cannabis Club.



(UKCSC) Jerk and Fire – Brighton Cannabis Club’s Dank Holiday Celebration

Dank Holiday Monday + Brighton = Jerk & Fire (with a spot of cricket)

The summer season has taken a little while to get fully underway here in the United Kingdom, but the cannabis clubs and collectives of the UKCSC have taken full advantage of that and hosted events almost every weekend of the summer starting in April at 4/20 in major parks of London, Manchester and Leeds. Product Earth, Green Pride, CannaCampFest have been significant highlights of the year that have drawn in the local cannabis communities allowing the natural networking that is needed for us all to expand and grow to take place. 

This August Bank Holiday weekend took no exception and was picked out as a day by Brighton Cannabis Club member @NugsofBeauty as a South Coast alternative to Notting Hill Carnival that was a little more chilled and a little bit more 420 orientated and friendly. It follows on from their BBQ last year in the same location at East Park which saw around 150 local tokers, patients and clubs converge for a bit of grilled food across the coals while sharing some of the local and personally grown flowers, edibles and extracts. This year saw the affair swell to numbers pushing the 700 mark throughout the day and enthusiasts travelling from as far as Newcastle such as the It’s Gold Up North crew who are a part of the Newcastle Cannabis Club, as you can tell, they came bearing gifts of dank.

Setting up at midday London Smoking Club and East London Cannabis Club set up their headshop gazebos alongside Cummin Up a local Jerk and BBQ chef that knows how to spice up that sauce! Nannies’s Gourmet Edibles were pitched up in true style and were glowing after finding out they had just won 3rd place in the London Smoking Club’s Edibles Cup recently held. Brighton Cannabis Club and UKCSC were there signing up members to the club and are now over the 250 members mark. Hampshire Cannabis Club came along in high spirits spreading their “our life, our choice” message and Too Loud Smoking came to rep and dish out rolling papers a plenty to make sure we never stopped rolling.



(Guardian) Hyde Park 420 Protest

Next to a bright green Brighton cannabis club flag sat Rob Davidson, who said he was there with friends “to celebrate our love of cannabis, and take a stand against unjust prohibition laws”.

Davidson, the chairman of the club, described it as a local organisation that attempted to find a community-led solution to cannabis prohibition. “We don’t want a capitalist takeover of weed,” he said. “We hold private events, which are ticketed, friendly events. We don’t sell or distribute cannabis at the events, but we allow people to come and smoke.”

Rob Davidson, chairman of the Brighton cannabis club

But a capitalist takeover of weed seems to be in the pipeline. Stuart Harper, of NORML UK, the self-styled political wing of the cannabis movement, was upbeat about it. “There’s millions flooding in at the moment,” he said. “There’s rich Mexicans and rich Americans over here with millions in investment capital. In the next 18 months there’s going to be a big shift.”

Read more at the link below.


Barcelona the new Amsterdam

Barcelona the new Amsterdam


When you picture the city of  Barcelona, images of small delicious plates of food, salsa dancing, or sandy beaches may spring to mind.  This March though, I found myself in the middle of something all together a little bit greener. From the minute I stepped on to the busy “La Rambla” street I could see that this Spanish province had embraced the future in a big way. For years now it has been legal for barca residents to grow and smoke weed (up to 5 plants) in their private residence under the Spanish constitution. Great news for weed enthusiasts in Barcelona of course, and now due to the ever growing population of people who use and enjoy cannabis, this city has been turned into a ganja hub, supporting everything from the patients that swear by this product to the recreational user just wanting to slow life down a little. This has been made possible by a little loophole that allows you to delegate your growing to another person or club, simply signing a small contract can allow anyone to grow for you. Enter the Barcelona Private cannabis clubs.

We stumbled upon ‘420’ whilst wandering around the bustling center of Barcelona. A heavy metal door operated by an intercom lead to a small reception area where we met the owner; Raul. He proceeded to explain the situation we were all in.By signing this Spanish contract you are giving us the right to grow 5 plants on your behalf, pay a €20 yearly membership fee and you can indulge right away. Simple as that!



Indulge we did, the atmosphere in this place was great, big TVs, projectors, PS3. The selection of gear was amazing with everything from dabs to edibles, they even have a volcano you can use. I felt like I landed back in the Dutch red light district, except for a few noticeable and pleasant differences. Combine this leniency in law with the sunniness of the Spanish people and you get a warm comfortable atmosphere and a great vibe. The thought occurred to me that such clubs were less about making money and more of a community, most customers seemed regular and they varied in ages, shapes and nationalities.


Raul sat down with us on the plush leather sofa to explain how the police operate in the area. He said they have been known to stand just around the corner waiting for people to leave the club. He explained that possession of cannabis in public places is still illegal and the Spanish police will not hesitate to impose a fine on you if your caught. He told us the best way to remain in the clear while on holiday would be to leave our stash in their locker facility, safe and sound with them until our next visit. I must say we left the club many times during our stay with large quantities however and never ran into any trouble.

These clubs undergo constant scrutiny by the government and must deal with tight restrictions on how they can bring in new business and promote their presence. These ‘associations’ are not allowed to have a website, for example, and with the DJ both and sound system costing thousands Raul is relying on the legitimacy of his business in order to stay open and avoid penalties. Promoters just outside the small road leading to 420 made up for the lack of hits online, though, bringing in young groups of tourists by the half dozen, luring them in with promises of group offers and warm hot chocolate.

There was a definite love for cannabis in this place, all the staff were experts in their field and seemed to love their jobs, passing around massive joints filled with their newest blends and discussing which brand of organic fertilizer to try next.

I never expected to have such a good time in Barcelona, and I left feeling informed about this tiny undiscovered gem of a weed hub, and longing for the days when my paella filled belly could return.


Super Stoner Saturday Sessions: A Summer Social Experiment

On a Saturday in Brighton you may have been one of the lucky ones to know what was going on and got a chance to attend. A lot of you would have been unfortunate and probably did not even know about it but  Brighton Cannabis Club took it upon them to try someth6tag-1229615409-1047694021402979189_1229615409ing new in Britain. They decided to hire a venue and open it up to cannabis consumers to consume freely, where prohibition would be unenforced. A community gathering of like-minded individuals shared the experience of being able to consume without fear of persecution or prosecution. This happened on a Saturday, once a month to see what would happen during the summer of 2015.

Would the police intervene? Would the people living in the residential area not approve? We didn’t know but we decided to continue on with and see what would happen.

Our first session started in May and we also invited Cherry Haze Medibles along to run a stall for the day. Invites had been sent out to the existing club members, cannabis reform activists and members of the cannabis industry. We were not sure how many people would turn up at first. Was a consumption venue an attractive idea to the cannabis community?


The doors opened at 3pm and people started flowing in and we were taken by surprise at the interest we had received for something that had not been widely publicized. Not before long the venue was almost full and every seat was taken! For us it showed that there was demand for a cannabis club in Brighton and the need for more around the country. People had traveled from neighboring counties and cities to travel. Just to be able to consume freely at a venue that did not believe in prohibition. We decided to continue on and organise another session. We called these the “Super Stoner Saturday Sessions”.


People had already heard about our first session and the word was spreading, somewhere you could toke freely and meet people who enjoy cannabis as much as you do. We all want the same thing, the end of cannabis prohibition. We decided to start things a little earlier this time, and open the doors at 2pm. We also organised for a local chef to cater Jamaican food the event. We didn’t know if people would be interested in coming back, or whether the demand was there but all we could do is try and find out.6tag-1229615409-1072444981350132441_1229615409

It didn’t take us long to find out but the answer was quite obviously yes. People were turning up before the doors were even supposed to open and not before long, about 3pm the venue was full. More and more people turning up wanting to enjoy a different experience from the regular events you go to. A cannabis friendly social gathering in a private location away from the public.

After this we went and held a 3rd session towards the end of summer, the club decided that we had to take a stand and stick two fingers up to prohibition. We held two successful events without the need for council/police involvement and the open consumption of cannabis. For us the cannabis social club model felt alive and kicking in the heart of Brighton.

People had travelled from Scotland and Leeds just to be a part of the experience. A lady came all the way from Cornwall to buy some medibles from Cherry Haze to help alleviate a medical condition. She could not find the quality of medicine that some very ill patients need in this country and needed to meet people who might be able to help. They do not get the support they need from the NHS and have to look for alternative medicines to combat there illnesses. The same happened again, by 3pm the venue was packed full of people!



By the end of summer we had increased our number of club members from 50 to 110. Brighton Cannabis Club is a growing revolution and we want you all to be a part of it.
We believe the Cannabis Social club model is the way forward and our sessions are a proven testament to that it works in the UK. The Spanish went ahead with there model and we are going to do the same. So please help us and join the growing revolution!