(Argus) Club Calls For The Legalisation of Cannabis

WALK through The Lanes on a Saturday afternoon and you may see someone casually lighting up a cannabis ‘joint’.

Members of the Brighton Cannabis Club flout the law in public as part of their bid to make the drug legal.

Chairman Rob Davidson agreed to speak to The Argus about the organisation, which was launched in January.

They already have 40 members and the club is still growing.

Mr Davidson said the club was set up so cannabis consumers and enthusiasts could meet and work towards reform.

The group claims the cost of prohibiting the possession, cultivation and supply of cannabis is a waste of taxpayers’ money and police time.

Mr Davison said: “If prohibition didn’t work for alcohol why should it work for cannabis? “People are persecuted for using cannabis. It is a human rights issue. There is a stigma attached to its usage – it is defined by its illegality.

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