Medi Munchies UK – A medical cannabis edible review

Submitted anonymously by a Brighton Cannabis Club Member.

As someone who suffers with severe depression and diagnosed high functioning Aspergers, IBS and Endometriosis not so long ago; I’ve never got on with migraine medication, pain killers or anti-depressants.

My constant battle is relaxing enough to be able to sleep for more than 3 hrs at a time or dealing with agonising pain throughout the day.

A friend referred me to Medi Munchies UK; as I’m not a Cannabis smoker I was quite apprehensive, but after speaking with the Medi Munchies team on what to expect from a bag of Cannibos (175mg in a bag). The sweets vary from 5mg to 30mg of active THC in each individual sweet depending on the size of the gummie. With my first bag, I ate one bear and I could deal with my thoughts, a thought at a time; not a thousand thoughts a second. 2 bears I was in considerably less pain and I slept for 8 hours! The Cannibos have no sluggish feeling the next day like you get with Zopiclone and no metallic flavour in your saliva!

The bears texture and flavours (cola, cherry and passionfruit) are great, they melt in your mouth they’re not too chewy or too soft.

From a medicinal point of view Medi Munchies, being able to tailor the dose to my tolerance is perfect!

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