Super Stoner Saturday Sessions: A Summer Social Experiment

On a Saturday in Brighton you may have been one of the lucky ones to know what was going on and got a chance to attend. A lot of you would have been unfortunate and probably did not even know about it but  Brighton Cannabis Club took it upon them to try someth6tag-1229615409-1047694021402979189_1229615409ing new in Britain. They decided to hire a venue and open it up to cannabis consumers to consume freely, where prohibition would be unenforced. A community gathering of like-minded individuals shared the experience of being able to consume without fear of persecution or prosecution. This happened on a Saturday, once a month to see what would happen during the summer of 2015.

Would the police intervene? Would the people living in the residential area not approve? We didn’t know but we decided to continue on with and see what would happen.

Our first session started in May and we also invited Cherry Haze Medibles along to run a stall for the day. Invites had been sent out to the existing club members, cannabis reform activists and members of the cannabis industry. We were not sure how many people would turn up at first. Was a consumption venue an attractive idea to the cannabis community?


The doors opened at 3pm and people started flowing in and we were taken by surprise at the interest we had received for something that had not been widely publicized. Not before long the venue was almost full and every seat was taken! For us it showed that there was demand for a cannabis club in Brighton and the need for more around the country. People had traveled from neighboring counties and cities to travel. Just to be able to consume freely at a venue that did not believe in prohibition. We decided to continue on and organise another session. We called these the “Super Stoner Saturday Sessions”.


People had already heard about our first session and the word was spreading, somewhere you could toke freely and meet people who enjoy cannabis as much as you do. We all want the same thing, the end of cannabis prohibition. We decided to start things a little earlier this time, and open the doors at 2pm. We also organised for a local chef to cater Jamaican food the event. We didn’t know if people would be interested in coming back, or whether the demand was there but all we could do is try and find out.6tag-1229615409-1072444981350132441_1229615409

It didn’t take us long to find out but the answer was quite obviously yes. People were turning up before the doors were even supposed to open and not before long, about 3pm the venue was full. More and more people turning up wanting to enjoy a different experience from the regular events you go to. A cannabis friendly social gathering in a private location away from the public.

After this we went and held a 3rd session towards the end of summer, the club decided that we had to take a stand and stick two fingers up to prohibition. We held two successful events without the need for council/police involvement and the open consumption of cannabis. For us the cannabis social club model felt alive and kicking in the heart of Brighton.

People had travelled from Scotland and Leeds just to be a part of the experience. A lady came all the way from Cornwall to buy some medibles from Cherry Haze to help alleviate a medical condition. She could not find the quality of medicine that some very ill patients need in this country and needed to meet people who might be able to help. They do not get the support they need from the NHS and have to look for alternative medicines to combat there illnesses. The same happened again, by 3pm the venue was packed full of people!



By the end of summer we had increased our number of club members from 50 to 110. Brighton Cannabis Club is a growing revolution and we want you all to be a part of it.
We believe the Cannabis Social club model is the way forward and our sessions are a proven testament to that it works in the UK. The Spanish went ahead with there model and we are going to do the same. So please help us and join the growing revolution!

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